We think of culture and nature as an integrated system. We need more than just the notion of “preservation” in our relationship with nature. To us the choice is not “Development” versus “Conservation”.  We offer a way of thinking that is a ‘both/and’ approach. This allows us to plan for a growing population while balancing the development and the natural resources that support us, and which we in turn can sustain.

What We Believe


Cultivate was founded to help change the way people think about improving and managing land. we promise to...


and incorporate all of the diverse interests and facets of a region into project work.


ideas for thoughtful land stewardship and awareness
of the value of preserving
local heritage.


meaningful consensus
among stakeholders and the community to work toward a sustainable future together.


beautiful, resilient places around a successful economic model that reconnects the
place and the people.

WORKING Environments

Despite the best of intentions, conventional planning studies frequently overlook some of the most important aspects of a community that make it a special place. This concern was the driving force for local officials and residents in the small valley... to devise a more creative means of identifying the features most needy and worthy of protection. Basic to their approach was the recognition that many times these important elements are either too obvious or too subtle to be noticed until they are gone.

- Randall Arendt



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Cultivate was founded to help change the way people think about improving and managing land. 
We are a California State Certified Small Business (SB) as well as a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).