What we do

Cultivate offers a fully integrated design process, from project visioning through implementation. We push our clients to think long-term, to consider the legacy they are creating and to understand how today’s decisions affect future generations.


Community Planning + Conservation

Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

Advisory Services

We bring experience, compelling graphic tools and a rigorous process to help guide creative teams, communities and stakeholders through the steps of crafting a fully thought-out vision to realize project and community goals. We are believers in the power of a strong and compelling vision that often drives design innovation.

We give special attention to fostering relationships and understanding the culture, the history and the DNA of a place. We are experienced in preparing comprehensive conservation strategies, community plans, development standards and master plans to ensure that a project’s vision is protected and realized.

Understanding and respecting the land and environment is key to the success of any design endeavor. We bring together the fields of site design, landscape and planning and put that together with community building. We think of ourselves as stewards of the land, and treat every design problem as such.

Navigating the process of obtaining permits, approvals and environmental certification can be daunting. We are experienced in managing large project teams and working in a collaborative way to craft development and conservation strategies, and to lead the process through implementation.

Our Clients:

We believe in partnering with our clients. First to protect their asset, and secondly, to build long-term “shared” value. By “shared value” we mean the development of a value system for projects which creates economic value while also creating value for the region and community. We believe this is the only way to  deliver long-term, beautiful, resilient places that are economically self-sustaining.

We work in the private and public sectors and understand the complexities of land use policy,  environmental review and long term planning goals and how that guides project designs to meet a community's and client's vision.



AFFILIATIONS + Certifications:

Embarcadero Capital Partners, San Francisco Bay Region

Glen Oaks Big Sur, California

KISCO Senior Living, North California

North American Land Trust (NALT), Pennsylvania

Oberndorf Enterprises, San Francisco

Tim Lewis Communities, Northern California

YCS Investments, San Francisco

California Coastal Conservancy

California Department of Conservation

City of Alameda, California

Santa Clara County - Department of Planning + Development

Santa Clara Valley - Open Space Authority (OSA)

Solano County Community Development Department, CA

Sustainable Agricultural Education (SAGE), Berkeley, California

APA - American Planning Association

ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects

SPUR - San Francisco Planning and Urban Research

USGBC - US Green Building Council, LEED accredited

State of California Certified Small Business (SB)

Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Urban Land Institute – Associate Member

101 The Embarcadero, Suite 212  |  San Francisco, CA 94105  |  415.590.2020  |  info@cultivate-ca.com

Cultivate was founded to help change the way people think about improving and managing land. We are a California State Certified Small Business (SB) as well as a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).